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My wish list for 2007
2006-12-29, 12:30 a.m.

I want to lay with my laptop on my stomack looking up random stuff online while you play video games in the background.
I want to lay next to you watching late-night tv and eating snacks right before bed.
I want messy hair and you asleep next to me, with your hand slightly outstretched like even in the deepest sleep you wanted to know I was still next to you.
I want to know that no matter where or when I could put my hand on you and stand really close and you wouldn't back away.
I want to laugh and have you tease me as I cook dinner...have you twirl me away from the stove and dance with me to no music while the food starts to burn.
I want lazy days where we refuse to get out of bed because it's nice enough just to lay there making faces at each other.
I want to have stupid faux fights about who's turn it is to do laundry.
I want to go on adventures with you...even if it's just to the gas station.
I want to hear about your day, even if you only went to work...I want to hear about the bad things, the good things, and all the things that pissed you off.
I want to tell random stories to each other about all our past lives, even if they make us look silly.
I want messiness and imperfections that make me love you even more and vice versa....
most of all though, once I get all the above mentioned...I want it to stay.

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